Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fighting the grade

June 14, 1981 photo.  This train is bucking quite a grade as it is ready to enter the south portal entrance of the tunnel.  Tim Repp captured this great shot.  2009 photo of same location.  Here is a 2009 view taken about where the locomotives are in the above photo looking back at the south portal entrance.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A few words

L to R: Philip C. "Scotty" Watson (Central Washington Grain Growers' Manager at the time), Alice Jacobsen (local farmer) and Edna Slusser George (local historian) say a few words about the line on the front of a locomotive.  "Last Train" ceremony taking place in Doulgas, March of '85.  Anita Sprauer photo. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Last train to leave Withrow

This March 2, 1985 photo by Anita Sprauer shows the last train on its way out of Withrow

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tunnel Location with 2011 Aerial

Started construction on this tunnel 1908.  It was 770' in length built through solid rock and was timber lined.  In 1945 the timbers were replaced.  In 2000 a part of the tunnel collapsed.

Bridge Loations with 2011 aerial

Bridges 4,5,6,8,12,13,18,19 and 28 not shown.  Bridges 4,5,and 6 were still in use when the railroad was abandoned.  Their waterways have since be filled in.  Bridge 8 just south of the tunnel was removed in the 30's.  Bridges 12 and 13 were removed after the flood of 1938.  They were located at the base of Slack Canyon.  Bridges 18 and 19 were removed after the flood of '48Bridge 28 was removed after the flood of '38.  The track was realigned to the other side of the creek. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

March 2, 1985 in Douglas

Burlington Northern Crews are seen here backing the train up and maneuvering their caboose onto the Douglas Siding so it can be lashed up on the end.  Locals are seen along the Highway 2 grade crossing watching the last bit of railroad action before this train leaves, never to return.  Tim Repp captured this “Last Train" shot on March 2, 1985.  The locomotives that they used on this last run were GP39-2 #2730 & #2738.  Here are some more "Last Train" pictures from March 2, 1985. And a couple more.  2009 photo of #2730.  2010 photo of #2738

Thursday, April 5, 2012

1909 ROW track plans of Bridge #1

This is a 1909 Great Northern Right-OF-Way track plan showing bridge #1 on the MB Line.  From my research, ROW acquisition began as early as 1906 to obtain all the property needed to build the line.  This bridge was located 2.5 miles from the start of the branch line at the Columbia River Siding on the main line.  To see more ROW plans on this line click here.