Thursday, April 28, 2016

How Touhey got its name?

From the 1909 Spokane Directory

He was born in Ohio in June 1861 and died in Spokane in 1936.  In 1905 he was listed as a terminal agent at Hillyard in Spokane.  In 1910 he was a conductor and in 1920 he was a yardmaster.  His home was in Hillyard.  Data from  Trying to find a connection with the MB Line.  Maybe it is just a coincidence.

From the Washington State University Digital Collection


Monday, April 25, 2016

ATV/Golf Cart Bridge

Dec 2014

Aug 2015

These large timber girders came off a pier from downtown Seattle. 

Aug 2015

Oct 2015

The pilings used for the abutment ramp walls are from bridge trestles off the MB Line.  A local farmer had several and I was able to acquire some for my bridge.  Very solid. 

Nov 2015

Mar 2016

Apr 2016

"Lamoine Draw" sign modeled after a 1950's Great Northern Railway Standard Plan for bridge number and stream names.

Arp 2016