Thursday, May 21, 2015

GNRy Culvert Crossing Marker Sign

Great Northern Railway Culvert Marker No. 68.  Every culvert was marked with a steel marker sign to identify every crossing.  This marker was located somewhere between Douglas and Supplee according to GNRy Track Plans.  There were approximately 105 culverts that crossed under the tracks on the Mansfield Branch. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Railroad Mile Post Sign

Mile post 57 marker sign given to me a local Waterville man. This 2"x 8"x 18" piece of wood was nailed to a utility pole out between Touhey and Mansfield. The paint from the number “57” has protected the wood from some weather erosion which has left the numbers raised and still visible many years after the paint has weathered away.

Railroad Speed Limit Sign

A railroad speed limit sign given to me by a local Waterville man. The F-30 stands for “Freight Trains-30 MPH”.  He said he had retrieved it from a scrap pile in Douglas during the time the line was being removed in 1986. It had bullet holes in it and so he patched them then sanded it in anticipation of painting it.  I plan on finishing the painting work.

1960's Great Northern Railway standard plan detail for speed limit sign.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Weathered HO BN Hopper Cars

Weathered Tangent Pullman Standard PS-2CD 4740 Covered Hopper and an Intermountain ACF 4650 3 Bay Hopper. 

Out at Touhey

I rode the abandoned railroad grade out at Touhey between Rd 9 NE north to where bridge #43 crossed Rd C NE.  The route was a total of 3.2 miles which ended a few hundred yards east of the Rd C NE crossing.  Pictures taken on May 9, 2015.  I had permission to ride the grade by the owner.  

Zoomed out map of route taken.

Zoomed in map of route taken.

Near grade crossing at Rd 9 NE

What remains of the Touhey Elevator

Ramp of the elevator

Looking southwest down the main line track at Touhey.  Siding track was to the left.

Where bridge #42 once crossed Rd 10 NE

Looking north across bridge #42

Looking south across bridge #42

Looking east across Rd C NE where bridge #43 once crossed.

Remaining pilings from bridge #43

Looking west across Rd C NE where bridge #43 once crossed.

Cut at east end of bridge #43