Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Wenatchee Daily World: October 11, 1909

Waterville Railway bid awarded and ready to start construction.

The Wenatchee Daily World: July 20, 1908

The Wenatchee Daily World: July 31, 1908

Waterville Railway Co. Ticket and depot photo

Original never used Waterville Railway Co. ticket.  c. 1948

1911 photo of the Waterville Railway Co. Depot.  

Douglas: Then and Now

You can see the depot in the 1949 and 1990 aerials. This depot was one of the last Burlington Northern structures on the line until it was burned down in Dec. 1993.  It lasted almost 9 years after the line was removed. The structure just the the right of the depot on the 1949 aerial was used as an automobile ramp. It was removed in the early 70's.