Friday, February 12, 2010


1986 photo of the north tunnel portal entrance on the MB line at the Doulgas Creek Falls. This photo was taken a year after the line was offically abandoned by Burlington Northern. A couple of months after this photo was taken, the rails were torn up and shipped to Korea to be melted down.


SDP45 said...

This is the timeframe that I was there at the tunnel and walked through it. Wish I could find my photos!

Where did you hear about the rail?


MB Line said...

I remember riding in the wheat truck with one of hired men into Withrow and seeing crews pulling up the line. That would have been in August. Plus, I have a Wenatchee World article that states in 1986 is when they torn up the line.


MB Line said...

From the photos I know that are from 1986 of the MB line, I would be pretty close in saying that the line was removed between May-ish of 1986 to October-ish of 1986. The Wenatchee World article from 1998 I have, said that the line was removed in about 5 months.