Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept. 18, 2009 trip down through Douglas Creek

Snapped a few pictures of the old MB Line while riding my Honada XR650L motorcycle down through Douglas Creek. It was a beautiful hot afternoon with not a soul around. The following pictures are of the line between Slack Canyon and about 2 miles north of Palisades. Enjoy!

Down grade 2 miles north of Palisades near Airplane Canyon

Down grade about 1/2 mile south of the tunnel

Rock cut on the down grade about .25 miles south of the tunnel

Up grade view looking at the south tunnel portal entracne. You can still see a little bit of timber from the tunnel that is exposed out the the hillside.

Standing on top of the tunnel looking on the down grade at the south tunnel portal entrance. Notice the sink hole at the bottom of the picture.

Standing on the upper road looking down at the North tunnel portal entrance

Looking across bridge #9 on the down grade

Down grade view between bridge #10 and #9

Up grade view just after bridge #11

Looking on the down grade across bridge #11

Up grade view .25 mile up from bridge #11

Up grade view across the creek from Mohr Canyon