Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Steam Loco #299

Sacks of wheat dwarf the Waterville Local near the industry siding in the year 1914. Steam loco #299 2-8-0 sits idle while she leaks steam and smoke. Its next destination is Douglas to connect with the MB Line, 4.5 miles away.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Scratch Built HO Scale Diorama of Nelson, Wash.

Nelson, Wash.

On April 18, 1907, a post office of Nelson was established in the Charles Mayfield & Co. general merchandise store and Charles Mayfield (1870-1939) became its only postmaster.  He remained in that position until the post office was discontinued on March 15, 1912.  Mail then was moved on into Mansfield.  This post office was located on the stage road on the Coulee City-Bridgeport Road about 7 ½ miles northeast of Mansfield.  It was named by Charles Mayfield for his home town of Nelson, Nebraska.  Charles Mayfield, a local farmer, was a transplant from Plattsmouth, Nebraska.  It was never a town only an unincorporated community with a store, post office, and a few out buildings.  When the post office was closed, the name Nelson faded into memory.