Monday, December 8, 2008

1/4 mile before the tunnel on the upgrade

Here is a 2006 picture showing the abandoned grade just before the tunnel. Bridge #8 was located just a few hundred yards up ahead. From my research, this bridge was only in place for a couple decades before it was removed and replaced with fill instead. The view from this spot is amazing as you look out across Moses Coulee.

End of an era in Douglas County

Cover of the "TRAINS" Magazine that featured last train on MB Line. July 1985

Add ImageLast train just west of the famous "Double Bridge" heading towards Malaga. (2) BN GP39-2's #2730 and #2738, (40) 40' box cars and (1) caboose where hauled out. Photo by T.O. Repp

Locals gathered at Douglas to see last train off. Photo by T.O. Repp

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Change of line

Perfect example of where after the 1948 flood GN moved the grade. Here in this picture, I'm standing on the relocated grade on the west and can see the 1909-1948 grade on the east side. Just around the bend was bridge #28 which was removed and never replaced in 1949 when the line was reopened. After I took this picture, I hiked over to the old grade and found one old tie with a plate and spike still intact. Telegraph poles still litter the ROW. Some even have wire hanging from them. Looking on the down grade. 2008 photo

East of Withrow Wa in 1983

You can see the Withrow Grain Elevators in the distance.

Shot of entire train in Moses Coulee 1983

Leading the Way