Friday, October 24, 2008

1984 Hopper derailments on the MB Line

Map of crash sites

1st crash site

1st crash site

1st crash site

2nd crash site

3rd crash site looking on the down grade

3rd crash site looking east across the creek

3rd crash site looking east across the creek

3rd crash site

2nd crash site looking west across the creek at bridge #36

This picture, just above, taken 1.30 miles south of Alstown, WA, shows a derailed Frisco covered hopper car on its side in Douglas Creek next to bridge #36 on the Mansfield Branch Line. For some reason, three of these cars broke loose from the Douglas, WA siding and made their way down the tracks before coming to a crashing halt. This picture specifically shows a CB&Q (Burlington Route) 40’ box car and a Burlington Northern flat car with a large vacuum coming to the rescue to clean up the spilled grain. Central Washington Grain Growers’ crews and Burlington Northern crews worked together to clean up the mess.  The first car derailed 1.1 miles north of Alstown, the second shown here and the third a couple hundred feet  down the tracks between bridge #35 and #36. Photo taken by Dennis Viebrock in the spring of 1984.

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SDP45 said...

My uncle recently retired from CWGG, and he says the cars were let loose by a disgruntled former employee, of which now lives a few doors down from me. Suppose I should go ask him about it?