Friday, October 24, 2008

Wrecked passenger coach in Dougals, WA

What was to have been a routine rail trip turned into a frantic ride when the passenger coach belonging to the Waterville Railway Co. broke loose and raced down to Douglas on February 26, 1920. The 60 ft. 12 wheeler coach had been left in front of the Waterville depot while the rest of the train backed into the siding at a wheat warehouse to pickup loaded wheat cars. For some reason the coach unlatched and starting rolling down the tracks with five passengers still on board. Unaware to the passengers, the coach began to pick up speed and race towards Douglas. The engineer, fireman and brakeman where all on the locomotive at the time and were unable to tame the car. They raced after the coach on the locomotive but were unsuccessful in catching it. As the coach reached about 40 mph, the Great Northern Douglas Agent Jack Brady, noticed the car approaching the Douglas Depot and got out of the way. The coach ran into the Depot knocking it of it’s foundation by 4 ft. Fortunately no one was hurt in the accident.

(source: Beginnings, 1989) This is a paper back book that talks about Waterville History. There was no author for this information in the book.

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