Friday, October 24, 2008

Great Northern Mansfield Branch Line facts:

~Officially started operations November 1909
~Cost of the line, including equipment, was $1,427,471.09
~179,080 crossties were used, costing $85,703.42
~Cost of the locomotive, baggage, mail and express cars, passenger coaches, freight equipment and work train equipment was $34,362.41
~Around the time of line's construction, the average yield per acre was 15 bushels

Tonnage break-out for year 1913
Grain 94,212,650 lbs.
Grain products 4,775,490 lbs.
Other products 35,773,000 lbs.
Total all freight 134,762,000 lbs.

Revenues for year 1913
Freight $65,578.82
Passenger $21,260.94
Other revenues $4,831.71
Total all freight $91,671.47

Expenses for year 1913
Operating expense $68,084.22
Taxes $19,049.28
Total all freight $87,133.50

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