Monday, May 11, 2015

Out at Touhey

I rode the abandoned railroad grade out at Touhey between Rd 9 NE north to where bridge #43 crossed Rd C NE.  The route was a total of 3.2 miles which ended a few hundred yards east of the Rd C NE crossing.  Pictures taken on May 9, 2015.  I had permission to ride the grade by the owner.  

Zoomed out map of route taken.

Zoomed in map of route taken.

Near grade crossing at Rd 9 NE

What remains of the Touhey Elevator

Ramp of the elevator

Looking southwest down the main line track at Touhey.  Siding track was to the left.

Where bridge #42 once crossed Rd 10 NE

Looking north across bridge #42

Looking south across bridge #42

Looking east across Rd C NE where bridge #43 once crossed.

Remaining pilings from bridge #43

Looking west across Rd C NE where bridge #43 once crossed.

Cut at east end of bridge #43

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