Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Section House in Mansfield

16' x 24' two room section house built in Mansfield by the Great Northern Railway in 1909.  It was labeled on the GNRY track plans as 'Jap Ho' (Japanese House).  It was retired, along with several other buildings, in 1956 and removed off site in 1958.  It was one of two section houses built in Mansfield by the railroad.  It was most likely occupied at one time by this man, who was killed between Withrow and Supplee in 1952 while working on the Mansfield Branch Line.  It now resides in an undisclosed location.  

For more on that accident click here.  

June 2014 photo of section house.  Bob Kelly photo.

1917 photo of section house.  The larger section house is just the the right.

1949 plans

1956 plans showing the building being retired.

1958 plans showing the building removed.

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