Monday, May 5, 2014

Aaron Boyer Shimer was the youngest of the seven children. He attended a private “preparatory” school, where he concentrated on his mathematics skills. He graduated from Lafayette College with a degree in Civil Engineering; he decided to gain his first experience working on the Great Northern Railway in the state of Washington. Aaron began his work in 1908 on the Mansfield Branch as an assistant to A. Hill, who was the resident engineer in Douglas, WA. He later moved to Omak WA in 1910 where he was the resident engineer for the new Oroville Branch along the Columbia and Okanagan Rivers. The following series of upcoming pictures were taken with his folding (TB 100) Kodak camera in the years 1908 and 1909 while working on the Mansfield Line.  Photos and info compiled/provided by his grandson Richard Karschner.

Mr. Shimer at his camp tent located just south of Douglas. Date 1909.  Photo provided by Richard Karschner.  Photo captions say the camp was located on the Cavanaugh Ranch.

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