Friday, November 15, 2013

Bridge #1 Drawings from 1945

Elevation view above is showing a proposed steel girder/wood trestle bridge being replaced by the old wood trestle bridge originally built in 1909.  The drawing below is an as-built drawing of the bridge that was replaced.  As-builts drawing dates May of 1945.  The drafter thought the creek it was crossing was called "Dragoon".  The drawing above is dated July 1945.  Thanks to Bob Kelly for providing the drawings.

Entire plan/profile/elevation sheet of the original bridge

Blow-up of original bridge showing only profile and elevation view

Blow-up of southern end of original bridge

Blow-up of middle section of original bridge

Blow-up of northern end of original bridge

Blow-up of plan view 

Blow-up of materials list of original bridge

Blow-up of title block from sheet

Here is the best picture I have of bridge #1 showing the steel girders.  1983 photo.

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