Monday, July 2, 2012

Piece of Rail

Reconstructed rail off the MB Line.  Found and cut rail near Alstown,  tie plates and spikes from Douglas Creek and ties I found out east of Withrow.  I cut the spikes just below the head and they are just sitting in the holes.  Cut the ties with a chainsaw.  Really hard to find ties that aren't rotten anymore.  My plan is to cut the ends of the rail and have a nice clean edges. Cover the ties with a natural wood stain. Wire wheel the plates, spikes and rail.  Then paint them with a darker metallic paint.  Drill holes in the ties and insert some date nails I have from the Line as well.  Should be a nice little piece when I'm done.  My goal is to make it shine like this.     

Rail has on it:  L. I. & S. Co. S.W. SCRANTON. 9  1901. 77 1/2. G.N. LINE.  I assume it is Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company Steel Works at Scranton.  Manufactured in Scranton, Pennsylvania in September of 1901.

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