Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On the down grade at old McCue Siding

June 14, 1981 photo showing BN low nose GP-9 #1741 and BN high hood GP-9 #1805 holding back a load.  This train's rear end is just passing over bridge #10 on the old McCue siding with bridge #9  up ahead and then the tunnel.  McCue siding was abandoned in 1965.  Photo taken by Tim Repp. 

2010 photo of same location as above


David said...

Great blog. I have been reading it all morning. I am looking for some good dual sport routes and some good Jeep trails. Do you have any suggestions along these railways that are useable this time of year?

MB Line said...

Glad you like the blog! I love to find railroad history in Douglas County and share it with other people. You can ride some old railroad grades down there. The best thing is to go down there and just explore. I ride my dual sport down there a lot, as well as my 4-wheeler. Fun times we always have.